Capitol Hill
Patriot: a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.
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AmeriKKans Patriots

Every Miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource, pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nails thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.

                                                             Arthur Schopenhauer

Patriot: a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

AmeriKKan patriot: Person who lacks of any emotional resilience and has to blame someone else from his/her shortcoming

I have not really wanted to write anything more about the events of 6th January 2021 after my piece, the fall of a giant, but after listening to all those politicians, actors, celebrities,  coming out with the same phrase “this is not AmeriKKa”, I started getting a little annoyed with “the emperor has no clothes ” kind of rhetoric.

Contrary to the opinion of  those people, the event which took place inside the capitol was the face of the real AmeriKKa. 


This was  AmeriKKa and it would be time to acknowledge it.



To paraphrase Marcellus in Hamlet: There has always been something rotten in the Republic of AmeriKKa, and the country like the rest of the world have preferred to ignore it until now. 

But with the giant struck in its heart, humiliated and lying dying in front of everyone to see, the same people who were responsible for its demise, were now too eager to defend its faults and re-wrote the country’s history once again.


You could have been shocked, you could have been disappointed by the storming of the Capitol but that was an inexorable  AmeriKKa event  so I will advise you to get use to it.


You see like every fairy tale, the United States of AmeriKKa has been built on  lies.

Lies so big that they have themselves started to believe in it , like my favourite one that said “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” (Funny, Right! ). Please could someone go and ask the Natives Americans and the African Americans what they think about that one?)

Before coming back to the event of 6th January 2021, let us go back to the autopsy of an unavoidable event.


 If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

                                                         Joseph Goebbels

No one in his right mind could ever told us that the Republic of AmeriKKa has been build on respect, equality, fairness etc.

The country has been built first by the brutal slaughter of the Natives Americans followed of course by the horrific enslavement of African people.

Of course there has been the Civil War and the abolition of slavery to restore a bit of pride in the country but it has never been out of kindness. It was primarily because of  the North was feeling cheated by the economical  advantage of the South States due to the free labour provided by their Africans slaves (they did not tell you that in your history book!).  It was also one of the reasons that there had never been any real condemnation, any lesson learnt after the Civil War.  

Because any trial which would have followed the end of the Civil war would have provided us more about the mindset of the AmeriKKans than anything Freud would have been able to dream of.

But now the abolition of slavery has brought a major problem to Capitalist AmeriKKa meaning the end of the access to free labour. So enter in scene the second biggest lie of the United State of AmeriKKa which we are going to call the AmeriKKan dream.  This dream can be explain like this: with hard work and willingness all men (read white men) can achieve greatness.

This one was so unbelievable that the late George Carlin (one of the best American stand-up comedians) has said about it : ” it’s called American Dream- Because you have to be asleep to believe it”.

You see to make the AmeriKKan dream more believable, this new labour population have been told that they will not need to be talented, not have any special skills but they only needed to be male and white and willing to work hard. 

 Because this notion of AmeriKKan dream has been used by Corporate AmeriKKa to economically enslaved a part of the population in a poverty level wages with the promise that one day they will be able to make it too.

And to be able to maintain this labour force at poverty wages, only slightly better than being a slave, Capitalism AmeriKKa needed  the politicians to do their part. So with the promise of political contributions, Senators, congressmen have put in place laws that would maintain Africans Americans, immigrants, all the people who were not white men AmeriKKans in an abject poverty. Some of those laws still applied today.  Laws like the Jim Crows laws which have mandated racial segregation in all public facilities in the states of the former confederates states and in some others in the beginning of 1870s.

 Or the racial segregation and discrimination against minority populations predated the specific process termed “redlining” in the United States that began with the National Housing Act of 1934 and the concurrent establishment of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).


So  for centuries AmeriKKa has institutionalised racism to maintain the status quo so any white person with no talent could feel like he was somebody because the society in which he is living, has accepted that it was right to debase another human being.


AmeriKKan economy and society have not been built for the strong to thrive but for the weak not to lose.  

To sustain the lie Goebbels  continued in his explanation : “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


Therefore AmeriKKa not happy to maintain African Americans and Hispanics in an humiliating poverty, AmeriKKa politicians introduced mass incarceration for this population and assassination if they have the misfortune to complain. Few names come to  mind, Dr Martin Luther King Jr,  Malcolm X,  Herbert Lee, and I can go on and on.

Not too long ago Wells Fargo CEO, Charles W Scharf has put his foot in his mouth by making this outrageous comment that  his bank was struggling to reach diversity goals because there was not enough qualified minority talent” Can you believe this kind of absurdity was being said in the 21st century?

But not let us dawdle on this and continue our autopsy.



The funny things with human beings is that we are very adaptable. African Americans and Hispanics groups have learned to adapt to their conditions and use the obstacles put in their path to strength their mind. They have learned really quickly that they would have to fight for their right to live in this country that they have help built with their blood and suffering.

 They knew at a young age that AmeriKKan society has been built against them and not with them in mind. They have learned to survive and love their country despite everything.

So little by little, they started to climb the societal and economic ladder. In the music industry, the film industry, political sphere, in the finance industry etc. 


So now the AmeriKKan Patriots, who have been told that they did not need any particularly skill or talent and who have left Capitalism AmeriKKa destroyed their public school, their healthcare, their labour union  and by making sure that the federal government become as useless as obsolete so they can keep their pool of cheap labour, have to deal not only  with the emancipation of the black and Hispanics community but with skilled labour coming from India and other countries.


The steel industry, once  the playing field of the US (with giant like Andrew Carnegie’s US Steel) as now become China and India best import, leaving the American workers  too expensive (despite their poverty level wages) for the market. So Steel plants have been closed by dozen in the AmeriKKa leaving some communities looking like a ghost towns overnight.


Years of AmeriKKan Capitalism  has not only destroyed public education system but the price of  higher education was so extortionary that those working class labour were unable to reconvert into a better paid work to survive. Some of them ended up to form their foreign counterpart to replace them at their job. Despite those hard blows, working class (read uneducated white male) were still believing in the AmeriKKan Dream. They needed just to find the right politician who will champion their cause, because after all it was the fault of the Mexicans, the Chinese, the Africans Americans stealing their jobs that has lead  them  unable to survive.

So AmeriKKans Patriots swallowed their anger in front this new rout and patiently waited for their right candidate.



But the coup de grace came one night in November 2008 when one of those Africans Americans became United States 44th president. This election was too much for the AmeriKKans patriots after all they have been told since they were born that they were better than those people after all. And now one of them has become their president.


Despite the fact that President Barack Obama has done nothing to help the black community, in fact he has worsen their situation,  it was still too much for AmeriKKa and its patriots. So to remedy to this insult, decided that Donald J Trump will become their next president. 

The abrasiveness , the racism language, the blatant sexism and the fact that he was supposed to go to Washington and drain the swamp, has made the candidate Trump in the eyes of those AmeriKKans patriots one of them.

Trump’s racism and promise to bring back works from China to the US would seal the deal. Donald J Trump would become the 45th president of the United States of AmeriKKa leading to four years of unimaginable incompetence, bullying , failure after failure.

Shunned from their allies, mocked, ridiculed around the world, AmeriKKa does not impressed anymore, but of course none of this matters to AmeriKKans patriots, they have found their Messiah who excused their shortcomings and made the world better by telling them that he would make the life of the non-white people a living hell so they could all be happy again. So for four long years, they have lived in their bubble convinced that president Trump has their back and that he was their  saviour. All the pain and suffering were worth it as now they can be racists in broad daylight and not suffer any consequences.   A global pandemic,  an abysmal economic situation, they could not care less, they have finally found their president.


But when the axe fell on November 2020 and the presidential election gave Biden the victory, the AmeriKKans patriots could not take it. I know that lot of us, have made fun of those crazy MAGA hat wearing, but can you imagine the kind of desperation some of those people must be to think that a person that clearly has shown nothing but disregard for them, was their saviour?


Brainwashed  by the president Trump and his cronies about election fraud, the AmeriKKans patriots decided to take the matter in their own hand and stormed the Capitol in order to restore their dear leader to his throne. 

But the outcome did not turn like the wanted. Condemned by the majority of the country,  abandoned by president Trump, AmeriKKans Patriots are now crying playing victims when the consequences of their action are being thrown back at them.

So you see the event of  6th January was predictable. Not predictable a week before it happened on Social Medias  but because of more than 40 years of deregulation, of tax cut for rich people and  poverty wages for the rest of the population. 

I am only surprised that it has taken them that long to get angry at their politicians even  if it was for the wrong reason.

 I know  what some of the you would say that this article has painted a caricature (exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics) of the USA and I will agree with you. But when the caricature  has started to look like the real versionwe need to pause and ask ourselves how they ended up in this situation.


The real problem with AmeriKKa is that they have never as a nation reflect on anything.

The so called elites are so disconnected from the reality of the everyday people that the country is now unable to communicate. 

Fifty four percent of the population think that their enemy is their neighbour, a member of their family, their friend and not a foreign country.


AmeriKKa is now realising  that their democracy was just an illusion. That their society has never been fair or egalitarian.

And as Rosa Luxemburg has one said “What presents itself to us as bourgeois legality is nothing but the violence of the ruling class, a violence raised to an obligatory norm from the outset.”

AmeriKKa is not a democracy. AmeriKKa is and has always been a corpocracy where the interests of large corporations control economic and political decisions.

They have left those massive corporations killed any sense of community that was once one of the greatest tradition in the US by pitting communities against each other.


In the aftermath of 6th January , President Trump was impeached again making him the only president in the US history to have been impeached twice. Some corporates have decided to withdraw their monetary support to the Republican Party (but do not hold your breath, next year the same companies will go back doing exactly what they know best, buying politicians to do their bidding), and still AmeriKKa has learnt nothing.


 The four years of Donald J Trump have had the merit of showing us the real AmeriKKa. The haves and the don’t haves. The treatment of the minority versus the treatment of white supremacists storming the Capitol. 

For those who still think that the AmeriKKa of Trump was not the real AmeriKKa, I will conclude this article with a quote of Maya Angelou. You have been warned.  




When someone show you who they are, believe them the first time. People know themselves much better than you do. That’s it’s why is important to stop expecting them to be something other other than who they are.

                                                         Maya Angelou